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Courtney’s Prom Photo 2013


Courtney Hood was 15 years old when she took her own life due to bullying. She was bullied throughout her whole life for being “different” but it became worse when she entered high school. She was not only tormented and picked on at school, but people began harassing her through social media websites also. Courtney was not very good at making friends so when she became friends with a neighbor, they seemed like the perfect match. Although, a few years later, She started making up rumors about Courtney. She began sending Courtney hundreds of terrible messages to Courtney on Facebook and through texts telling her she’s worthless, ugly, stupid, fat, and telling her to kill herself. When Courtney eventually got fed up and upset about all the nasty rumors she was spreading, she blocked her on her Facebook and cell phone. Then this girl started creating fake Facebooks and texting Courtney’s phone from other people’s phones. When Courtney changed her cell phone number because she would not stop, her “friend” somehow got Courtney’s new phone number and continued to harass her. Courtney tried to talk to her school about her tormentor  and all the other kids that were following her lead, they did not take the bullying seriously. Therefore, Courtney developed depression and had severe anxiety attacks whenever she went to school. Her counselor took her out for the last few months of school, but she was supposed to go back to school the next fall. Because she missed so much school, Courtney was being held back and was supposed to repeat 9th grade. The thought of returning to school and continuing to be bullied and harassed overwhelmed and depressed Courtney. On August 15th, 2013, when she could no longer take it, she decided to take her own life thinking that her not being here would solve the problem.

Courtney Counts is a new organization in memory of Courtney Hood. The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness of all forms of bullying. Our goal is to help and reach out to other kids experiencing bullying situations.

When you see someone being bullied, don’t just stand there and maybe laugh or point your finger,  “Stand up for the person, whether you tell the bullies to stop or whether you tell someone or get some help.”

Casino Fundraiser 2018

February 16, 2018

Greek town Casino Detroit
$35.00 per person
(Includes $20 credit at the casino, alcoholic beverages on the bus, and pizza upon return) 15.00 FREE PLAY 5.00 FOOD voucher
Chartered Bus leaves from the Wyandotte Boat Club at promptly 3:30 pm and will return at 10pm
50/50 raffles on the bus

**Limited Seating Available! Purchase your ticket as soon as possible from the Wyandotte Boat Club

For more information, please contact:
Becky: 734-624-5798

Jim : 734-642-6005

We are excited for this great event to raise awareness and funds for Courtney Counts 2019 Anti-Bullying Walk! Please join us for a fun evening and a chance to win BIG at the casino!

Anti-Bullying walk 2018

Join us in our fight to end bullying!

June 3, 2018 @ 1pm come and support our cause at Heritage Park in Taylor, Mi while we Walk for Anti-Bullying! Help us take a stand against nasty words, hurtful names, and being made to feel as if being different is something to be ashamed of!

The walk is Free of Charge. Free Food, snacks, water, and prizes. Donated from our sponsors. However, if you wish to help us fund-raise for the cause, All donations, no matter the size are appreciated.

Anti-Bullying 2018 walk T-shirt available for Purchase for $10.00 Volunteers will also receive a free Volunteer T-shirt.

Heritage park 12111 Pardee, between Goddard and Northline Taylor mi 48180

Registration online will be available January 3, 2018

cut of for online registration JUNE 2, 2018

walkers and teams also can register the day of the event.

Individual walkers or walk as a team. Team T-shirt are encouraged.

All donations, no matter the size are appreciated. Thank You for your support! (;

When you see someone being bullied, don’t just stand there and maybe laugh or point your finger Stand up for the person, whether you tell the bullies to stop or whether you tell someone or get some help.

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