Pancake Breakfast 2020

Sunday January 12th

10 am to 2 pm

$7.00 per person

4 and under Free

Includes Pancakes, eggs, sausage, ham, potatoes, Waffle bar, juice, Milk and coffee,

Help support Anti-Bullying 2020 Walk




On September 22, 2019 we will have organized our 5th annual Anti-Bullying Awareness walk. The Walk will take place at Heritage Park in Taylor Michigan. This event is free and open for people of all ages to walk for the cause.  There will be food, snacks and water provided. We will also have face painting, clowns, balloon guy, magic show and Elmo during registration. There will be a guest speaker following registration.

This is our 5 th year anniversary other activates following the walk.  band, trackless train rides, tie dyeing

We plan to maximize the use of all donations and funds raised at our events. Money fundraised by teams and Business will go towards walk expenses, Social Counselors, Support groups and  advocates to help victims and families being affected by bullying. We are also pushing for the production of new educational anti-bullying programs and updated informational material on bullying for our public schools.

Courtney Counts is looking for sponsors and donations to help cover the cost of our Anti-Bullying walk to keep it free for participants. In addition to the cost of reserving Heritage Park. We hope to organize many Anti-Bullying Awareness walks.


Courtney Counts

Courtney’s Prom Photo 2013


Courtney Hood was 15 years old when she took her own life due to bullying. She was bullied throughout her whole life for being “different” but it became worse when she entered high school. She was not only tormented and picked on at school, but people began harassing her through social media websites also. Courtney was not very good at making friends so when she became friends with a neighbor, they seemed like the perfect match. Although, a few years later, She started making up rumors about Courtney. She began sending Courtney hundreds of terrible messages to Courtney on Facebook and through texts telling her she’s worthless, ugly, stupid, fat, and telling her to kill herself. When Courtney eventually got fed up and upset about all the nasty rumors she was spreading, she blocked her on her Facebook and cell phone. Then this girl started creating fake Facebooks and texting Courtney’s phone from other people’s phones. When Courtney changed her cell phone number because she would not stop, her “friend” somehow got Courtney’s new phone number and continued to harass her. Courtney tried to talk to her school about her tormentor  and all the other kids that were following her lead, they did not take the bullying seriously. Therefore, Courtney developed depression and had severe anxiety attacks whenever she went to school. Her counselor took her out for the last few months of school, but she was supposed to go back to school the next fall. Because she missed so much school, Courtney was being held back and was supposed to repeat 9th grade. The thought of returning to school and continuing to be bullied and harassed overwhelmed and depressed Courtney. On August 15th, 2013, when she could no longer take it, she decided to take her own life thinking that her not being here would solve the problem.

Courtney Counts is a new organization in memory of Courtney Hood. The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness of all forms of bullying. Our goal is to help and reach out to other kids experiencing bullying situations.

When you see someone being bullied, don’t just stand there and maybe laugh or point your finger,  “Stand up for the person, whether you tell the bullies to stop or whether you tell someone or get some help.”

Any donations to this cause will be welcomed and greatly appreciated

Send check payable to

Courtney Counts  P.O. Box 2066  Southgate, MI 48195

Suicide is NEVER the answer. If you or someone you know is battling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts please call the suicide hotline: 1(800)273-8255

12 thoughts on “Courtney Counts”

  1. Courtney, We didn’t get the chance to meet. Are families became united thru your beautiful cousin Leah and my son David.Broke my heart to hear of your passing because of mean Little girls. So jealous they were of you.Being different is a wonderful thing to be. Your family misses you . And shame on you Autumn , God Bless us all !!!

  2. If only you knew how much you meant to everyone who met you. You had no idea how much you would be missed. Your humor, kindness, love for animals, and protection for others will be your legacy and an inspiration for us all.

  3. Last night was Courtney Counts comedy night. It was a great night and I’m sure you were with us. It was also hard for me to believe we were there for this! It’s so very hard and I wish I could turn back the clock and tell you how awesome you are! You had a gift of communicating with animals and I know if you were here you would have done amazing things! We miss you so much it is beyond words!!!

  4. I did not know you or your family. I recently met your dad when he installed my cable. I lost my little girl 4 years ago. She had heart problems. I know in my heart that you and her are in a much better place now. Your story has touched my heart though, and I will share this organization and your story as much as I can. I am sorry you lived here in this cruel world. But I believe just as my little girl made a difference, that your story will too!

  5. Courtney was the best person i met at riverview i moved right before highschool. But i always had her back she was my best friend. It was sad to here she took her own life before it was time. I would like to put my cap and gown on her grave site so she would feel like she graduated as well.

  6. Man I miss her she was my best friend. I hate that autumn did this to her.

  7. Words shape the world around you.
    You’ll never know how much one nice thing done or said to someone can change their world. Even if it’s only for that one moment in time. When I used to feel like the world around me was in ruins I turned to music. Reggae music to be specific.
    When I felt my worst I would take a beautiful picture and make up a nice poem to go with it. I would share positive words and images to FB groups I had joined; the groups who needed positive vibes the most.
    Keep your head up, stand up tall, listen to the beat of the music that comes from your soul.
    Most of all, talk to someone about how you’re truly feeling. We’re all in this together. We all have very important roles to fulfill. It’s our responsibility to look out for our family, friends, neighbors and people who we will meet.

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  9. You were the bestest friend any young girl could ask for. I miss you. I wish I could have helped. I wish you didn’t have to go through this alone. Im feeling what you felt and im afraid to tell anyone. I’ve thought about suicide a bunch of times and I’ve cut too but truely nothing can take away this pain we feel except for death. I really need you right now and I miss you like crazy. I hate that I wasn’t there for your funeral. I really miss you.

  10. This lovely teenage girl did not deserve this.What horrible ,mean and malicious thing did this child do to get this bullying?Why was she an outcast?What gives bullies the right to bully others and what are they trying to prove?When I was 15,decades ago,I was bullied and harrassed by other kids in school.One ting about bullies when you stand up to them,they push back harder and things escalate.I know where Courtney was coming from,because I lived through the same ,pardon my French SHIT she did when I was her age.

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